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Customize your package with these add-ons

You can customize any website package to make it fit your exact needs.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of getting “organic” traffic from search results on search engines like Google. It is a crucial part of your website. We offer creative and enhanced SEO that will help increase your rankings.
**SEO is already included in any package above the Medium Maltese package.


Social Media

SEO isn’t the only thing that will drive traffic to your website. Having a strong presence on the right platforms can be an invaluable marketing tool for your business. We offer set-up and management of social media accounts to effectively market your business and drive traffic to your website.


Shop Creation & Integration

Do you want to sell products right from your website? We offer shop set-up and integration. We’ll even load your first products. Turn your website into an ecommerce dream.
*Third party shop fees not included.


MLS/IDX Integration

This add-on is for real estate agents who want to turn their site into a home search powerhouse. Using IDX Broker, this integration makes your website the perfect place for your clients to find their dream home. Take full advantage of advanced MLS/IDX search tools, showcase your current listings, capture leads, and much more with this powerful MLS integration tool.
*Monthly subscription to IDX Broker not included.
**Monthly website maintenance subscription required and offered at a discounted rate.


Resource Library

Do you have hundreds of blog posts that your readers have to spend time sifting through? If you don’t have your valuable information organized and easy-to-find, I guarantee you are losing readers. Turn your blog posts into a resource library that your readers will come back to over and over.
**Already included in any package above the Medium Maltese package.


Password Protected Content

Create a password-protected page for your readers for any number of valuable upgrades for your readers. Use this to generate exclusivity, capture leads and continually provide value. We will work together to create the perfect resource for your loyal readers.
**Already included in any package above the Medium Maltese package.


Affiliate Links

Do you have affiliate links for products you believe in but just don’t know what to do with them? With well-placed, easy to find affiliate links, you can add another source of income to your website.


Online Booking Integration

If you offer services then allowing your clients to book online can invaluable addition to your website. Make it easy on them and fill your calendar fast.


Yelp Integration

Depending on your niche, reviews can be a crucial part of your business. Make sure potential customers can easily find your raving reviews and encourage them to leave their own reviews, right from your website.
**Already included in any package above the Large Labrador package.


Pop Ups

Get in front of your readers every time they visit your website. Pop Ups can be a valuable tool for lead captures and sales. We will work together to create well-designed, non-irritating pop ups that work best for your audience.



We offer branding packages that include creating logos, choosing color schemes and fonts, and giving you the streamlined look you need. Select the right package for your branding needs.


Blog Post Images

If you have been blogging for a while, you know how important your blog post images can be. By having images that are branded appropriately and optimized for social media, it will help you reach more readers and look more professional. We offer services to recreate your current blog post images or create you templates to do them yourself. Either way, your blog posts will get the makeover they need and the attention you deserve.

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