Planted Places

The Project:

Planted Places is an innovative startup that helps people grow food at home no matter how much space they have (or don’t have!). Christy Ross, the founder of Planted Places, is passionate about creating a sustainable way to grow food. The ingenious grow wall that she created makes growing your own food accessible to everyone.

Being a startup, Christy needed some help getting her vision into the online space. She had the vision, she just didn’t have the time to make it all come to life. I was able to help her get the ball rolling with her e-commerce website, member website, and social media. We also focused on creating branding guidelines for Planted Places to make her brand look consistent across all platforms.

The biggest challenge was locating and organizing all of her amazing content into a user-friendly online resource for her members. I’m happy to say that her members now have an organized place to learn and grow with their Planted Wall and the wealth of knowledge provided to them by Christy and her team.

Key Responsibilities & deliverables:

  • Design a new e-commerce website to be more user-friendly
  • Locate and organize existing content for members
  • Design and build a new member website
  • Create a new course platform for the boot camp
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media content creation

New Member Website:

The goal of the website was to present all of the member content in an easy-to-navigate format. Planted Places offers their members SO MUCH information but it was all really hard to find. We changed platforms, organized the content, and created a resource center with a wealth of knowledge for the members to enjoy!

Boot Camp:

For newbie growers, Planted Places offers a “Grow Your Green Thumb Boot Camp”. This boot camp gives you everything you need to grow (including the plants and soil) and then teaches you how to plant, how to keep the plants alive, and how to harvest. We re-branded the boot camp, created a new digital course to deliver all of the educational pieces, and launched various new social media campaigns to grow participation and the Planted Places audience. Our social media campaigns included both Instagram and Facebook. We did education posts, giveaways, reels, and more. With the variety of posts and consistency, we grew engagement by over 200%.