Rio 2016 Olympics

Key Objectives:

  • Create engaging and entertaining content for all ages to enjoy
  • Highlight the host country and their past achievements
  • Increase spectator involvement, ultimately increasing ticket sales


  • Produced creative content for 22 venues’ video board production including highlight features, athlete spotlights, and social media interactions.
  • Led a team of 15 editors to create more than 100 engaging athlete and sport features.
  • Produced two different types of social media segments featuring Instagram and Facebook spectator images.
  • Sensitivity to the individual needs of the spectators, and the sports they were attending, gave me the ability to influence their spectator experience in a positive way.
  • Produced over 10,000 athlete headshots within 3 weeks.
  • Created and implemented a process to track project deliverables and communicate quickly and efficiently across multiple remote locations.

Brazilian Greats

These segments were designed to highlight the host countries’ past Olympic accomplishments.

Step 1: Research Brazilian Olympians and track down video footage

Step 2: Write the script for each segment and choose the music  

Step 3: Work with an animator to create opening & closing animations and create the template for the segments 

Step 4: Work with an editor to create segments

Step 5: Review and approve each segment and send to all venues 

Concept | Script | Production


The Paralympics aren’t broadcast to the masses the way that the Olympics are. Because of this, there is a huge social media push for Paralympics to make it more widely watched. These segments were designed to encourage spectators to participate more on social media which makes the Paralympics more visible.

The goals of this segment:

More Participation

More Engagement

More Spectators

More Global Visibility