Sobey’s Charity Golf Classic

The Project:

Each year, Sobey’s puts on a charity golf classic. Their goal is to raise over 1 million dollars each year to support their charity partners and give back to their community. In 2020, the world changed. With that change, businesses and events had to change. Sobey’s still felt a commitment to their charity partners and more than ever knew that they needed their support. Although the event would have to look different, it still needed to happen in order to support these charities.

That’s where I came in. I was asked to figure out a way to bring the event online. It needed to highlight the charity partners. It needed to give real-time updates on the donations. It needed to provide a platform to share the donors and show appreciation to them. It had to be bilingual (English & French) All of these needs were met!

The website continues to change as the event continues to change each year. I work with Sobey’s yearly to restructure the website based on what the event looks like and to update and add charity partners.

I have supported this project yearly: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Key Responsibilities & deliverables:

  • Design and create a user-friendly, bilingual website
  • Logo for the charity golf classic
  • Branding for the charity golf classic
  • Provide analytic reports throughout the tournament and donation period


The event was all online. We focused on highlighting the charity partners that the donations were going to help. We also highlighted the donors to show appreciation and gratitude for their donations. During the tournament and donation period, we highlighted each charity partner by showing new content on the homepage of the website and on the charity partner page. We also updated the donation tracker multiple times per week.


The event was still online but we wanted to add an interactive element. An app was introduced for donors to still be able to play a little bit of golf during the tournament. We added an online concert and celebration that all donors and participants could attend after the tournament. Sobey’s announced a new charity partner this year so we highlighted them and shared Sobey’s involvement.


The event was in person this year! We still highlighted both the charity partners and the donors. There was a new charity this year, so we added them. We also used the website to announce information about the in-person event and host a photo gallery of the event.


This was a big year! The event was re-branded to the corporate company, Empire. We did a complete overhaul of the website. Everything was re-branded and new charities were added! The function of the website remained the same as we still highlighted all the charity partners and, of course, displayed the donor’s logos and names for recognition. We also continued to use the website to announce information about the in-person event and host a photo gallery of the event. 


I have once again been asked to update the website for this coming year. The changes are in progress.