Dynamite Creative

Dynamite Creative creates web applications for freelancers and entrepreneurs to simplify the business side of things. With a background in cinema, their website needed to be sleek, dynamic, and easy-to-use. Their main software, Quote Builder, is the star of the company and needed to be the main focus of the website. The site required full integration with their software as well as an easy platform for both sales and support. 


LitFare is a place for readers, writers, and artists. Their website needed to be whimsical as well as functional and educational. We came together after a frustrating experience with their first web designer, so ensuring both the end product and the process was easy and what they needed was very important. We worked together to create a magical corner of the internet and the website continues to grow with their business.

Project Zenstead

Project Zenstead is all about urban homesteading. She writes about her journey to live in balance with nature while living within city limits and creating the homestead and sustainable life she is passionate about. It was important to find a balance of clean lines, great design and a simple user experience while designing her website. We worked together to create a welcoming and easy-to-use design that serves her niche well.

A Modern Teacher

A Modern Teacher loves all things beautiful. She wanted her design to be fresh, clean and attractive. She is an expert at teacher organization which meant her website needed to be ultra organized as well. She is a trendsetter in the teacher entrepreneur community and we definitely set the bar high with her new website.

IvyTech Charter School

IvyTech is a cutting edge charter school in Ventura County, CA. They needed a new website that matched their 21st century, hybrid classroom style and unrivaled elective options. Their must-have list for their website included enhanced SEO, login capabilities, and easy-to-read admissions information. We created a website that is user-friendly for both current and potential students, while giving them a great design and seamless functionality.

Chic & Savvy Ladies Night

Chic & Savvy Ladies Night is the ultimate girl’s night out in Southern California. With new events being added monthly, she needed a website that’s easy to update and easy to find information about each event. The focus of these events is celebrating all things woman and the site needed to follow suit. With feminine colors and fonts, it’s clear that this company is all about what women want.

Jill Murty Real Estate

Jill Murty is not your ordinary real estate agent and we wanted her website to reflect that. She likes things to be clean and appealing whether we are talking about the houses she is showing or her website. She desired a website that looked completely unique instead of the cookie-cutter real estate agent sites that are typical. She also wanted to include personal pages that set her apart as an agent. We designed her site to be extremely user-friendly while making it attractive to look at and branded with her unique flair.

Kelly Cavanaugh Tutoring

Kelly Cavanaugh is a learning specialist who has a wealth of knowledge to share with the world. While most of her work is done in person, her desire to expand her reach created a need for a well-designed website where she could share her insight. Kelly helps children and parents understand why they have trouble learning and teaches them how to overcome their different learning styles. Kelly needed an easy-to-navigate website with a resource center to easily share her informational articles. Kelly is one of those special people who truly make a difference in families’ lives and it was a pleasure to create this site for her.

Dogs Who Thrive

Dogs Who Thrive teaches pet first aid and CPR to pet parents and pet care professionals alike. A sister site to Dogs Who Talk, it needed to showcase a great design while thoroughly explaining what the class has to offer. Although this website is designed as a single page website it boasts ample access to course information and a calendar of events for upcoming classes.

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