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Yin Yoga Workshops

2 hour sessions for 2 consecutive days, maximum 4 people
This workshop will help you to establish a home practice

Would you like to incorporate Yin Yoga into your daily routine? Come learn how to create a home practice for yourself.  During a two day, 2 hour sessions  per day workshop. We will breakdown 20 yin postures enabling you to understand how to safely get into and out of each posture.  Learn what type of sensation and where you should be feeling that sensation in each pose as well as techniques used to help relax and release muscular tension during your practice. We will talk a bit about the energy lines (meridians) that are effected by your practice, and how that is beneficial to you and your body.  Every participant will go home with 2 flexi-mats, a soft block, a small round bolster and a book by Bernie Clark one of the foremost teachers and writers about Yin yoga, setting you up with everything you need to successfully start your practice at home. See photo below for a picture of what is included in the workshop price. Join me for this workshop and see how a home practice can transform the way you feel .

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Jan 18 & 19, 2020

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